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My domain isn't resolving - whats wrong?
Last Updated 5 years ago

It could be a couple of things.

First - if you've JUST re-pointed your domain to our servers, you need to give it some time. DNS update propagation can take up to 72 hours to update all the end points of the domain hierarchy.

Second - Make sure you're using the right name servers. Nexus maintains multiple DNS servers on separate subnets (as required under RFC 882 and RFC 883) for proper domain resolution. Your primary DNS server will be the host you are on. Your secondary will always be the backup secondary nameserver for Nexus. This is automatically configured for you when your site is added, and identified to you in your welcome email.

If you have misplaced your welcome email, the following name servers can be used as a starting point:

If you have a Linux Shared Hosting Site:

If you have a Windows Shared Hosting Site

Dedicated and Virtual Server Customers

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