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Can I buy more disk space on a shared hosting account?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Yes - disk space is a soft-limit on the shared hosting accounts. Should you exceed your allocation, you will be notified of the overage. If you have not corrected the overage by your billing date, you will be charged for using the space at the "Excess Space" billing rate. If you want to avoid the excess bills, its cheaper to pre-purchase disk space in advance.

Current Disk space Pricing:

Shared Hosting Accounts - Advanced$0.05/MB
Shared Hosting Accounts - Advanced$10.00/250MB
Shared Hosting Accounts - Excess$0.08/MB

Excess pricing is considerably more expensive - and thats because you're likely impacting the ability of other clients to do what they want. So be considerate to others. If you're going to need more disk space, add it to your account ahead of time, or get a larger plan.

There is one potential downside to upscaling your plan. Nexus will never intentionally overallocate disk space on any server - we dont think it's right to cram as many clients as possible onto a server. To that effect, if your requirement for additional disk space will exceed the available space on the current host you are on, your site will need to move. Your site will be offline during the move and may experience DNS resolution issues for up to 72 hours afterwards while the change propagates outward.

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