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How do I connect my Outlook 2007/2010 Desktop to Hosted Exchange via AutoDiscover?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Once the DNS entries for AutoDiscover have been applied to your DNS servers by Nexus' support staff, or your own hosting company, if you host your DNS elsewhere, and you know them to be resolving properly, you can begin configuration of your desktop client through AutoDiscover. We recommend setting up a new profile for use with Hosted Exchange.

  1. Click the Windows Start Button, and Select Control Panel, and then the Mail Icon

    Windows Control Panel 

    Note: Depending on what version of Windows you are running, you may need to switch to Classic View to find the Mail Icon, or it may (or may not) state "32 Bit".

  2. Select the Show Profiles button, click the Add button, and enter in a name for your new profile, and click the OK button.

    Add New Mail Profile 

  3. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types checkbox, and click Next button

    Manual Account Setup

  4. Select the Microsoft Exchange option, and click the Next button

    Microsoft Exchange Service Type

  5. Enter "outlook" as the server address field, and then select "Use Cached Exchange Mode" checkbox. In the User Name field, enter your entire email address and select "More Settings".

    Add New Account 

  6. Next select the Connections tab, select the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP checkbox, and select the Exchange Proxy settings button

    Connection Properties 

  7. Next, enter in "" in the Proxy Server address. Select both the On fast networks... and On slow networks... checkboxes, and under Proxy authentication, select Basic Authentication

    Proxy Settings

  8. Click OK, Apply, OK again, and then Select the "Check Name" box in the Connect windows, enter in your password and select the OK button.

    Note: You may receive a pop-up asking you to select your mailbox from a list. Select your mailbox and click the OK button.

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